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Lockdown Musings : Where’s all the unbiased bottle feeding info?

I’ve decided to start a new “series” on my blog during this Lock-down.
How are you all doing with the Lock-down? 🔐 I’ve been doing some Home Learning with my boys (we have Fridays off thank goodness) and I’m prepping for our new arrival. One of the ways I’m doing this is by reading. I dusted off my “The Baby Book” by Dr Sears , re read “Gentle Parenting “ by Sarah Ockwell Smith (I wanted to remind myself about the 4th trimester) & I was looking for a book about bottle feeding (with special requirements). This proved harder to find.

As you know, I had a double mastectomy 9 months ago and prior to that, I breastfed my boys for 3 years each (through allergies, tongue ties & aversions) added to that I’m a trained Breastfeeding Peer Supporter. So I’m firmly on the breastfeeding train.

I wasn’t planning on having more babies (this isn’t a secret - check out the #lastbaby on LJ’s multiple photos on my Instagram profile) so the biggest blow to me wasn’t our surprise baby but the fact that she won’t be getting breastfed.

There’s no point dwelling on things you can’t change, however I have discovered something that irks me as a feminist.

There isn’t enough unbiased information about bottle feeding.

These are your choices:

1) The formula company website - only focuses on how to make the feed.
2) NHS Choices - same as above, light on info about responsive bottle feeding.
3) Breastfeeding Websites - same as above with a side of guilt. (Funny how I never noticed this before)

I needed a resource that would tell me what I needed to know without being derisive towards Breastfeeding. A source that would give me practicalities about the emotional side of this.

This weekend I found it in the book “Guilt free Bottlefeeding” by Madeline Morris.

She isn’t bashing breastfeeding but she’s also helping those of us who can’t be confident in the choice (or in my case predicament ) we have.

There needs to be more of this. I have come across so many triggering sources, that I feel sad that there’s just 1 safe resource I have come across.

We need more choices. I believe in the human right to choose.

As a responsive parent, I want more information about how to bottle feed in an attached way. The best i found was info about paced bottle-feeding - which is specific to breastfed infants.

I suppose like most things, I will figure things out with my baby. Although, there are somethings I want to try from the beginning.

  • skin to skin feeding
  • feeding limited to just me for a while then to just us parents until baby is 12-ish months
  • feeding on demand (i know we'll waste milk but it's important to me that she eats when shes hungry and stops when she's full)
  • Trying my best to be mindful whilst feeding her. I am totally guilty of scrolling Facebook or watching stuff whilst feeding the boys. 
These are what I've decided and we'll see how we go. 

Anyway, that’s what has been on my mind!


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