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Why Don’t Healthcare Providers understand Medical Trauma?

 Our surgery has recently gotten 2 new partners which saved it from closing. I’ve ALWAYS been anaemic since I started periods or even before because 1) I’ve got weird shaped red blood cells & 2) I’ve basically been haemorrhaging every month until my op earlier this year. 3) my DMARDs (drugs that prevent damage in my joints) have an impact.  Since my op, and the absence of periods, my iron levels have been slowly climbing and my Rheumatologist told me the last time I had a new PB ๐Ÿ˜…  I’m doing all the things to encourage it.  Just before Christmas, I had my HBA1C done (basically my diabetes report card) which includes a full blood count.  The results came in today (I’m basically walking around with a normal HBA1C ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฟ) but I just got a phone call from the surgery saying the dr would like to test me for anaemia .  At this point I’m so bored & fed up with unnecessary prods.  Like you’ve got data in front of you. Make of it what you will.  I understand wanting to do due diligen

Chapter 34

So it’s my last day being 34. This year, for me, has been one of getting to know myself even more than I thought I did. It was also a year where I got to show up for myself.  This year showed me that I could face my fears, conquer them and excel. It showed me that I am worth all the compassion and love I give to all those who know me. It showed me that I’m worth spending hard-earned money to get a better quality of life.  It showed me that I can show up for myself when people decide not to show up for me. It showed me that the friends I have made during my metamorphosis, who also were on the journey of self-discovery, are amazing people who let me be my whole self.  It made me realise that I can and will change things if they no longer serve me. This year, I’ve been able to begin the journey of unmasking and stop trying to fit the Neurotypical view of self. This year, I have met kindred spirits. I have realised there is nothing greater than being known completely and honestly. I am unl