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A Poem about Change

RED January

I did RED January and here's what I learnt:  January is a long brutal month so getting outside is a prerequisite to survive it.  It's wet & some of your usual routes may not be the best at this time of year!  Most of the time you'll have to run in the dark but you'll love it anyway - Be Safe, Be Seen!  Sometimes you get the best of the Winter Sun and everything just clicks into place. You get braver and end up going to Park Run for a strong finish, your limbs hate you but your mind loves you.  IOW MEDINA Parkrun - Photo Credit : Peter Billington I'm training for a half marathon as you know so I made it through January by Walking, Running, Pilates, Yoga & Rowing.  To wrap up, doing RED January meant that I started the year so low, lacking confidence in everything about myself. I'm talking everything. I slowly built myself up until the voices that were a roaring, wild ocean