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Feeling a bit Overwhelmed ? Me too!

So we have survived the Summer, Gave our children some fab memories and sent them off for a new term at school (or not). You have tried to get back into your normal routine whilst getting ready for the season ahead. There is that sense of dread right in your gut. You wonder why you feel that way but no answers at the moment. You have that cup of motivational Coffee and try to push through but that urge to run away or at the very least build yourself a duvet fort is Strong and unrelenting. What is WRONG with me?!!!! You start to doubt your abilities and you can see your thoughts start to spiral (because surprise, you've been here before!) STOP. BREATHE. Ring someone you trust, Remind yourself about all the times you've been here and HOW you bounced back. Write a blog post after that eureka moment. Anything to stop the Thoughts >Feelings >Mood cycle. This is the one thing I learnt at CBT that has actually stayed with me. Cut yourself some slack, it's proba